Achieving clear, intelligible and natural sounding speech in a church is not a simple task.

It requires a wide source of suitable products, careful selection, sympathetic installation and detailed setup. All of this is achievable with a system from PAS Sound Engineering Ltd.

For far too long people have associated sound systems in churches as PA Systems, whilst this assumption is in fact technically correct, it fails to describe adequately the exact type of end result we like to achieve. The correct end result is natural sound reinforcement of the spoken word which provides clear, intelligible speech reproduction. Hence SR systems have to operate under greater extremes than PA systems resulting in greater demands on design, product selection, installation and set-up. This is not the domain for amateurs, musicians and other experts!

The first step in achieving these aims is to ensure that the best possible microphones are employed in order to capture the source of sound i.e. the person speaking which then allows us to process this signal with the electronics and loudspeakers in the next stages of the system. Without good quality information at the start of the audio chain, we will never achieve a good result further along it.

The second most important element of a good system is the choice of loudspeakers and their placement in the building. We have numerous products available to us from across the globe which offer many options for buildings with difficult acoustics, architectural constraints and finishes. In the case of large and demanding schemes, we can call upon computer aided design programmes to assist us in developing a system which performs well in extreme conditions.

With a correctly designed and installed sound system, it is possible to combine speech reinforcement and live music for worship in one combined sound system without masses of equipment and cables.

Okay, so you need to convey the spoken word in a clear, intelligible and natural manner, but you also have a flourishing music group who need to be heard. No problem - you let them develop and before you know it there are more speakers and wires in your church than in our warehouse!

And there lies the problem, how do you combine the subtleties of speech reinforcement and traditional worship with the dynamics of live music in a building with architectural and acoustic constraints?

IThe answer is by careful combination of selected products, system design, sympathetic installation and precise set-up. Which is why with our considerable experience of providing such systems in demanding locations, you are guaranteed to get the correct end results.

We can provide products which combine the right features and facilities for live music performances and still maintain an appropriate presence in a traditional worship environment. Top brands, latest technology and more choices sums up our options for you.