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No church or public building can today be without a loop system for the hard of hearing.

When linked to a sound system, a hearing aid user can pick up clear speech directly into their hearing aid without distracting background noise.

All sounds in an area will be heard whether they are the desired sounds or not. The hard of hearing person finds it more difficult to separate the sounds from unwanted background noise. A standard hearing aid will amplify all sounds and although this can assist in hearing, it does not help in an environment where there is significant background noise.

Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems are designed to work in conjunction with a hearing aid. When the hearing aid switch is in the "T" position the device's microphone is switched off and the user only hears the sound from the induction loop system.

Induction loop systems, also called audio-frequency induction loops (AFILS) or hearing loops, provide assistance for the hard of hearing. They comprise of a loop of cable around a designated area, usually a room or a building, which when driven by a dedicated induction loop amplifier fed by an audio signal, generates a magnetic field picked up by a hearing aid thereby generating clear audio directly into the ear.